South El Monte High School

ShareI was at South El Monte High School for a few talks on Effective Communication. I spoke to 4 classes total over 2 days for about 1:40 each class. A great experience. Kids really enjoyed it. Teachers said it was a "refresher" for them too. Great times. Go Eagles.

How thin are we…?

ShareMost people thing they are pretty good at reading people. But, how good are we really? When I am talking to students during my talks, I always tell them they were not created in the 90's (Or whatever age group I am talking to). They were created thousands and thousands of years ago and these 

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Talks to Elenor Roosevelt Students

ShareI was out at ERHS in Eastale this week presenting to Senior and Junior Avid Classes. I spoke to 8 classes over 2 days. Awesome kids. Very well behaved and very attentive. Lots of class participation which is what I like. Go Mustangs!

River Heights, Eastvale

ShareHad a great time presenting to 3 Avid classes at River Heights Middle School in Eastvale. My daughters class was one of them. The handshaking exercises are always fun! Go Colts!

Make it count

ShareWe’ve all heard the saying you never get a second chance to make a first impression. In the history of the universe, there has never been a redo on a handshake. You have one shot. Don’t mess it up.