Make “, where are you from?” Sound Interesting

We've all been there, you're at an event or a convention  and the inevitable questions comes up.."so, where you from?" comes up. Normally, you just give the city and leave it up to their wit and conversation skills to make a comment. It's easy when you are from a big city, like Los Angeles or New York, as someone always has something to say about those cities.

But, what if you are from smaller towns? Can you imagine what someone in the mid-west would say if they heard…."I'm from Eastvale California." "Um…er..where's that?" will likely be the comeback.

Help the other person out by giving them a tidbit about the city as you say where you are from. So, I may say something like "I'm from Eastvale California, one of Americas newest cities". (Eastvale, in 2010, incorporated and became California's 481st city and Riverside Counties 27th city).

Now you gave them something to sink their teeth into. Find something, anything to say about the town or are you are from and throw the other person a softball while you are at it.


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