It’s (not) all about you when it comes to conversation.

I’ve been told “It’s all about you, isn’t it” many times. Well, it is. I mean most people have a world view and it centers around….them.  The rainy weather. “how does it affect me”? Too many people at a party, “how does it affect me”? New president elected, “how does it affect me”? Hired a new employee in my department, “how does it affect me”? Spouse comes home in a bad mood? “how does this affect me”?

We all have filters in life and it centers on us. People; for the most part just want to talk about them. They want to tell the world about them. They want to tell their friends the things they like and the things they are doing. They want to tell everyone about THEIR kids and how smart they are. THEIR pets and how cute they are.They take photos of things THEY are about to eat and they love telling people the things THEY find funny and witty (even though it's usually not THAT funny or witty, they think so).

So, in a conversation, if you are stuck on what to talk about, talk about everyone’s favorite subject. THEM. Don’t interrogate them, but keep the focus on them and just give them enough about yourself to pepper the conversation and add a little fuel to it. As they talk, take little tidbits of what they are saying and keep it for later for follow up. 

Do not take offense, do not focus on yourself. They don't care. It’s all about them. Deal with it.

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