Ditch the sunglasses for effective eye contact

OK, you look cool with the shades on. We all get it. Shades are great for blocking the sun, but they can also block communication too. Making eye contact in an important component in effective communication. It means you care and are interested in the person you are talking to.

There are times where you really do not need to engage in eye contact with everyone you meet. In most situations like sports events or other outdoor functions you may get by with shades on, but for other times where you need to make one-to-one contact with someone, ditch the shades and give them your 100% attention.

I manage my daughters softball team. When I am playing games I do not wear sunglasses. I like to make eye contact with the

girls and give extra emphasis to what I am asking them to do. It would be less effective if I had shades on. They know I am talking to them, engaging them and giving them my attention.

When meeting people or other functions where you need to make an impression, remove the sunglasses and make eye contact with them instead. If they have sun glasses on, take your best guess and look at them in their eye (we all know where eyes are) or better yet, look at your reflection in their sunglasses. Chances are you will be looking at them dead center in their eye when in fact, you are checking yourself out smiley


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