About Mike


Computer History Museum, in front of my first 2 computers, the Vic20 and the Commodore64.


Hi there, my name is Mike Nava. Welcome to my spot on the web. Here are a few things about me.

Owner, Eastvale Computer Services. – We do IT support for residential and small businesses.  We also dabble in Web design, SEO, social media and consulting/collaboration for small businesses.

I created and own EastvaleResidents.com. It’s a community discussion site for residents of Eastvale. Currently we have about 2,000 neighbors online discussing everything from lost turtles to crime to city issues.


Have spoken to small business groups on web practices for small business. I give talks to high schools on effective communications (see reviews section). Available for talks on tech, small business needs or rapport building, communication.

Tech seems to be at the center of my life. Grew up on a Vic 20 and Commodore 64  at about age 11. LOVE Google+,  only “like” Facebook because all my friends are on it and am a big Android fan. I am a PC user over Mac. I have tons of experience with all things tech, but sadly, no programming experience. I can usually troubleshoot PHP and HTML. I use a lot of web services (SaaS) and am quite good at finding solutions for business needs. You can see my resume here.

These are the non-tech things I enjoy. No particular order. Dallas Cowboys, classic jazz, blues, my Jeep Wrangler, backpacking, beer, fishing.